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Peer-Reviewed Works (Selected)

Hidalgo, L. (forthcoming). Abolitionist Marketplaces. Duke University Press.

Hidalgo, L. (2022). Show Them how They Treat Us: Legal Violence in the Everyday Lives of Streetvendors. Latino Studies.

Hidalgo, L. (2021). The Love Story against Displacement. Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture, 3(2):11-28.

Hidalgo, L. (2017). Predatory Landscapes: Pedagogical and Social Justice Tools to Uncover the Racist Nativism in the Spatial Dimensions of Economic Exclusion. In D. Morrison, S. Annamma, & D. Jackson (Eds.), Critical Race Spacial Analysis: Mapping to Understand and Address Educational Inequity, 67-87.

Hidalgo, L. (2015). Augmented Fotonovelas: Creating New Media as Pedagogical and Social Justice Tools. Qualitative Inquiry, 21(3), 300-314.

Other Works & Collaborations (Selected)

Featured in Latinx Talk (June 2020)

Featured in LA Social Science (May 2020)

Featured on a webcast (May 2017)

Featured in the LA Street Vendor Campaign (December 2016)
We partnered with UCLA PhD candidate LeighAnna Hidalgo, to create a mixed-media story telling tool that offers a deeper look into the lives and struggles of #LAStreetVendors.  It was produced in partnership with the East LA Community Corporation (ELACC) and members of the LA Street Vendor Campaign.
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