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Conference & Course Presentations

NACCS 2014, Salt Lake City Utah

This presentation was in a panel called New Directions in Critical Race Theory/Latino Critical Race Theory at the NACCS conference titled Fragmented Landscapes in Chicana and Chicano Studies: Deliberation, Innovation, or Extinction. Her presentation was called Interactive Digital Fotonovelas: Drawing on Visual Critical Race Frames for Social Justice.

CRSEA 2013, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

This presentation was for a keynote address at the CRSEA conference titled Democracy, Public Education and the Shifting Politics of Race: CRT ‘Tools’ for Remembering the Past, Reflecting on the Present, Revolutionizing the Future. She was on a panel called Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology as a Critical Race Methodological “Tool” and her presentation was called Interactive Digital Fotonovelas: Creating New Media For Social Justice.

CCS 281, Central American Migration and Integration, Fall 2013

This Powerpoint presented the findings from a study undertaken to explore Central American retirement strategies. The presentation was titled “Salir Adelante”: Economic Strategies among Aging Central Americans in LA.

NACCS 2013, San Antonio, TX

This prezi was given at NACCS conference,  titled Advancing from Sea to Shining  ¡Si!, in a panel called Chicana/o Economies as Community Preservation. Her presentation was titled “Tacos!, Burritos!, Tortas!”:  Migrant Entrepreneurs’ Quest for Economic Mobility and Safe Spaces in Arizona.

CCS113, Fall 2013

This prezi called “Augmented Reality: Making Auras” was designed to teach 80 undergraduate students in the Day of Dead Ritual course to augment their families’ recuerdos and making their ofrendas come to life using a cell phone application.

CCS200, Fall 2012

This prezi called Studies of Social Inequalities, was geared towards an audience of undergraduates and was presented in a course called Latina/o Los Angeles: Survey of Interdisciplinary Methods.

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