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What are augmented fotonovelas?

I combine textual and visual data sources, to design the augmented fotonovela, where I pioneer translating ethnography into the fotonovela medium. The fotonovela humanizes collaborators through visual storytelling. My augmented fotonovelas draw upon the classic form using photographs, text, and bubble captions, but stay at the forefront by incorporating Augmented Reality (AR). Through AR select images in the fotonovela trigger the corresponding video interview to begin playing on your smartphone, (Liarokapis & Anderson, 2010) allowing audiences to see and hear vendors moving and speaking. These fotonovelas are multimodal ethnographic works (Dicks, Soyinka, & Coffey, 2006) that illuminate social inequities and center the knowledge of Latina/os in ways that are engaging and accessible to multiple audiences. Communities utilize the fotonovela to educate and elicit community action.

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